Lifting Database


Date Name Sanction # State Results Homepage
07/30/2022 TFX Challenge Cup Championships 2022-FL-19 Florida
07/30/2022 Summer Slam 2022-PA-02 Pennsylvania
07/30/2022 2022 Brother Bennet 2022-MS-01 Mississippi
07/23/2022 Powerlifting In The Pines 2022-AZ-04 Arizona
07/23/2022 Woodlawn Open 2022-LA-01 Louisiana
07/09/2022 Iron Independence 2022-CA-03 California
07/02/2022 10th Annual Central Florida Open Powerlifting Championships 2022-FL-06 Florida
06/25/2022 Overload Classic 2022-NM-02 New Mexico
06/23/2022 43rd Annual Florida Sunshine State Games Championships 2022-FL-05 Florida
06/19/2022 2022 Equipped Nationals 2022-NS-04 Florida
06/18/2022 2022 Classic Sub-Junior Junior and Masters National 2022-NS-03 Florida
06/06/2022 2022 IPF Classic Open World Championship
06/04/2022 Orange County Classic 2022-FL-11 Florida
05/21/2022 2022 IPF World Bench Press Championship
05/14/2022 Prescott Bar Buster 2022-AZ-03 Arizona
05/01/2022 Nevada State Championship 2022-NV-02 Nevada
05/01/2022 WSS Invitational 2022-AZ-01 Arizona
04/30/2022 WSS High School Invitational 2022-AZ-02 Arizona
04/23/2022 2022 TFX Open Championships 2022-FL-02 Florida
04/10/2022 Chalk It Up Classic 2022-CA-01 California
04/10/2022 Throw Down at Brown's 2022-PA-01 Pennsylvania
04/01/2022 2022 Classic Open Nationals Presented by SBD 2022-NS-02 Texas
03/26/2022 7th Annual Orlando Open 2022-FL-14 Florida
03/19/2022 Rumble on the Rio 2022-NM-01 New Mexico
03/05/2022 Iron Classic 2022-NV-01 Nevada
02/26/2022 2022 National Bench Press Championships 2022-NS-01 Florida
02/19/2022 5th Annual Jacksonville Open Championships 2022-FL-03 Florida
01/29/2022 6th Annual Southwest Florida Open Championships 2022-FL-01 Florida