Lifting Database


Date Name Sanction # State Results Homepage
07/20/2024 495 Open 2024-MD-02 Maryland
07/20/2024 Summer Classic II 2024-NY-03 New York
07/14/2024 Cooperative New England State Championships 2024-NH-02 New Hampshire
07/13/2024 713 LiftOff 2024-TX-07 Texas
07/06/2024 Woodlawn Open 2024-LA-02 Louisiana
07/06/2024 33rd Annual Florida State Championships 2024-FL-13 Florida
06/29/2024 Columbus Classic 2024-OH-03 Ohio
06/23/2024 Barbell Brawl 2024-GA-05 Georgia
06/22/2024 Illinois State Championship 2024-IL-07 Illinois
06/16/2024 World Classic Open Powerlifting Championships
06/15/2024 Cascade Classic 2024-OR-01 Oregon
06/08/2024 45th Annual Florida Sports Foundation Sunshine State Games Powerlifting Championships 2024-FL-13 Florida
06/01/2024 ‘Til Death 2024-CA-03 California
05/22/2024 2024 IPF World Age Division Bench Press Championships
05/19/2024 Equipped National Championships 2024-NS-06 Nationals
05/17/2024 Classic Age Division National Championships 2024-NS-05 Nationals
05/04/2024 No Frills Pinnacle Qualifier 2024-OH-04 Ohio
05/04/2024 7th Annual Florida High School State Championships 2024-FL-10 Florida
05/04/2024 Upstate Classic 2024-SC-01 South Carolina
05/04/2024 Thats No Moon 2024-IL-06 Illinois
05/04/2024 Super States 2024-PA-01 Pennsylvania
04/27/2024 2024 PA Emerald Cup 2024-WA-01 Washington
04/27/2024 6th Annual Southern States Open Championships 2024-FL-15 Florida
04/27/2024 DNA Legacy Showcase 2024-GA-03 Georgia
04/26/2024 Lion’s Den Qualifier 2024-NC-03 North Carolina
04/20/2024 New York State Championship 2024-NY-02 New York
04/20/2024 2024 Powerlifting America First Inaugural Strength Through Cinema Classic Open Closed Invitational Qualifier – Presented by Palmetto State Barbell in Association with Mellon Powerlifting LLC 2024-LA-07 Louisiana
04/19/2024 High School Nationals 2024-NS-02 Nationals
04/14/2024 Iron Cup 2024-NV-05 Nevada
04/14/2024 Cajun Prep Qualifier 2024-LA-04 Louisiana
04/13/2024 JDI NYC Uptown Open 2024-NY-05 New York
04/13/2024 King Of The Jungle 2024-IL-05 Illinois
04/06/2024 Get a Total 2021-AZ-10 Arizona
04/06/2024 Strong Spring Classic 2024-MN-01 Minnesota
04/06/2024 New Mexico State Championship 2024-NM-01 New Mexico
03/30/2024 2024 Wisconsin High School Qualifier 2024-WI-02 Wisconsin
03/23/2024 Arizona State Championship 2024-AZ-04 Arizona
03/23/2024 4th Annual TFX Training Facility Open Championships 2024-FL-04 Florida
03/17/2024 University Nationals 2024-NS-04 Nationals
03/14/2024 Classic (Raw) Open Nationals 2024-NS-03 Nationals
03/11/2024 American Iron Qualifier 2024-NV-03 Nevada
03/09/2024 Test Your Luck 2024-IL-04 Illinois
03/09/2024 Gameday Shamrock Showdown 2024-TX-04 Texas
03/09/2024 2nd Annual Brick City Open 2024-FL-11 Florida
03/09/2024 South Louisiana Qualifier 2024-LA-03 Louisiana
03/02/2024 Valhalla Awaits 2024-GA-01 Georgia
03/01/2024 2024 WHSPA State Championship 2024-WI-01 Wisconsin
02/24/2024 Cayco Classic 2024-CA-01 California
02/18/2024 Nor'East Winter Challenge 2024-NH-01 New Hampshire
02/17/2024 Lake Pleasant Classic 2024-AZ-02 Arizona
02/17/2024 Queen City Classic II 2024-OH-01 Ohio
02/17/2024 8th Annual Southwest Florida Open Powerlifting Championships 2024-FL-02 Florida
02/10/2024 Sheffield 2024
02/10/2024 Power Of Love 2024-IL-02 Illinois
02/03/2024 DMV Championships 2024-MD-01 Maryland
02/03/2024 Arizona University Cup 2024-AZ-04 Arizona
01/27/2024 2024 Pro Duel 2024-IL-01 Illinois
01/27/2024 Lifting In A Winter Wonderland 2024-IL-02 Illinois
01/27/2024 Bench Press Nationals 2024-NS-01 Nationals
01/20/2024 Capital City Clash 2024-NE-01 Nebraska
01/20/2024 7th Annual Jacksonville (FL) Open Championships 2024-FL-03 Florida
01/20/2024 Winter Classic II 2024-NY-01 New York
01/14/2024 Zoo Culture Qualifier 2024-CA-02 California
01/07/2024 TOPSHELF INVITATIONAL 2024-NJ-01 New Jersey
01/06/2024 2024 Winter Warfare 2024-AZ-01 Arizona
12/16/2023 Panther City Winter Chill 2023 2023-TX-10 Texas
12/10/2023 CRCL classic 2023-TX-07 Texas
12/10/2023 7th Greater Tampa Classic Open Championships 2023-FL-07 Florida
12/10/2023 20th Annual Florida Collegiate State Championships 2023-FL-08 Florida
12/09/2023 GCU Invitational 2023-AZ-12 Arizona
12/09/2023 Overload Winter Classic II 2023-NM-03 New Mexico
12/09/2023 The Power Express 2023-IL-03 Illinois
12/09/2023 Maryland Holiday Classic 2023-MD-04 Maryland
12/09/2023 Carolina Qualifier 2023-SC-01 South Carolina
12/09/2023 32nd Annual Florida Senior (Masters Age 50+) Games Championships 2023-FL-06 Florida
12/02/2023 Imua Iron Ho’oilo Meltdown 2024-HI-01 Hawaii
12/02/2023 Prime Power Summit 2023-TX-08 Texas
12/02/2023 UNR Wolfpack Novice Cup 2023-NV-05 Nevada
11/18/2023 Veterans Day Open 2023-CA-02 California
11/18/2023 “The Gobbler” 2023-IL-02 Illinois
11/13/2023 IPF World Equipped Open Powerlifting Championships
11/12/2023 Texas Fall Championship 2023 2023-TX-09 Texas
11/11/2023 Stars and Stripes Championships 2023-PA-05 Pennsylvania
11/04/2023 WSS Powerfest 2023-AZ-05 Arizona
11/04/2023 Big Iron Challenge 2023-TN-02 Tennessee
10/29/2023 Scary Strong 2 2023-MA-01 Massachusetts
10/28/2023 Buckeye Brawl 2023-OH-02 Ohio
10/28/2023 Elite Season Classic II 2023-NY-06 New York
10/28/2023 Kilo Massacre 2023-WA-02 Washington
10/28/2023 32nd Annual Florida State Open Championships 2023-FL-15 Florida
10/28/2023 Boo Bash 2023-IL-01 Illinois
10/28/2023 2023 Georgia State Championshipseet 2023-GA-03 Georgia
10/24/2023 8th World University Powerlifting Cup
10/22/2023 2023 FFForce Girl Power
10/22/2023 2023 Texas State Championships 2023-TX-06 Texas
10/21/2023 Spooktacular Strength Showdown 2023-MN-02 Minnesota
10/19/2023 17th Annual NAPF Bench Press Championships
10/08/2023 2023 MOC Super Total Weekend 2023-NY-07 New York
10/08/2023 World Classic & Equipped Masters Powerlifting Championships
10/07/2023 6th Annual North Florida Open Championships 2023-FL-14 Florida
10/07/2023 Powerlifting America at the Legion 2023-NV-02 Nevada
10/07/2023 2023 Ottawa Iron Wars 2023-KS-01 Kansas
10/01/2023 Pink Ribbon Showdown 2023-MD-03 Maryland
09/30/2023 Mississippi Open 2023-MS-01 Mississippi
09/23/2023 5th Annual Ocala Open Iron Legion Championships 2023-FL-05 Florida
09/16/2023 4th Annual New Mexico State Fair Bench Press Deadlift and Powerlifting 2023-NM-05 New Mexico
09/09/2023 Ultimate Barbell Bash 2023-AZ-10 Arizona
08/27/2023 Granite State Grand Prix VI 2023-NH-03 New Hampshire
08/24/2023 2023 World Juniors and Sub-Juniors Championships (USA)
08/19/2023 2023 Patriot Open 2023-NE-03 Nebraska
08/07/2023 20th Annual NAPF North American Regional Powerlifting Championships
07/22/2023 Summer Classic 2023-NY-04 New York
07/22/2023 Freedom Fest Showdown 2023-MN-01 Minnesota
07/16/2023 495 Open 2023-MD-02 Maryland
07/15/2023 3rd Annual TFX Training Facility Open Championships 2023-FL-10 Florida
07/15/2023 Powerlifting America In The Pines 2023-AZ-04 Arizona
07/15/2023 2023 Space City Showdown 2023-TX-02 Texas
07/09/2023 New Hampshire State Championships 2023-NH-02 New Hampshire
07/08/2023 Woodlawn Open 2023-LA-01 Louisiana
06/24/2023 44th Annual Sunshine State Games Championships 2022-FL-04 Florida
06/11/2023 2023 IPF World Classic Open Powerlifting Championships (USA)
06/04/2023 2023 Equipped Nationals 2023-NS-05 Nationals
06/02/2023 2023 Classic Sub-Junior Junior and Master Nationals 2023-NS-04 Nationals
06/01/2023 Nationals – Last Chance Qualifier 2023-AZ-11 Arizona
05/21/2023 Duel in the Desert 2023 2023-AZ-08 Arizona
05/20/2023 Baystate Qualifier 2023 2023-MA-02 Massachusetts
05/20/2023 2023 IPF World Classic Bench Press Championships (USA)
05/20/2023 2023 IPF World Equipped Bench Press Championships (USA)
05/14/2023 2023 Nevada State 2023-NV-01 Nevada
05/07/2023 Nagata’s Gym Invitational 2023-CO-01 Colorado
05/06/2023 Southeastern Open 2023 2023-GA-01 Georgia
05/06/2023 Georgia Junior Sub-Junior & Youth State Championships 2023 2023-GA-02 Georgia
04/29/2023 7th Annual Southwest Florida Open Championships 2023-FL-01 Florida
04/27/2023 South Louisiana Qualifier 2023-LA-02 Louisiana
04/22/2023 2023 Midwest Open 2023-NE-02 Nebraska
04/22/2023 Queen City Classic 2023 2023-OH-01 Ohio
04/22/2023 Spring Classic 2023-NY-03 New York
04/16/2023 Great NW Border Battle 2023 2023-WA-01 Washington
04/15/2023 Pennsylvania States 2023-PA-02 Pennsylvania
04/15/2023 2023 University National Championship 2023-NS-06 Nationals
04/01/2023 8th Annual Orlando Open Championships 2023-FL-09 Florida
03/31/2023 2023 High School National Championship 2023-NS-01 Pennsylvania
03/25/2023 2023 SBD Sheffield - Classic Powerlifting (USA)
03/25/2023 2023 Tennessee State Championships 2023-TN-01 Tennessee
03/18/2023 First Annual Brick City Open 2023-FL-03 Florida
03/18/2023 Iron Office Open 2023-CA-01 California
03/18/2023 Lake Pleasant Classic 2023 2023-AZ-02 Arizona
03/18/2023 March Mayhem 2023-NH-01 New Hampshire
03/04/2023 New Mexico State Championship 2023-NM-01 New Mexico
02/24/2023 2023 Classic National Championship 2023-NS-03 Nationals
02/18/2023 6th Annual Jacksonville (FL) Open Championships 2023-FL-02 Florida
02/12/2023 Cubs Roundup at Panther City 2023-TX-01 Texas
02/04/2023 AZ High School & State Championships 2023-AZ-02 Arizona
02/04/2023 Powerlifting America DMV Championships 2023-MD-01 Maryland
02/04/2023 PWRBLD Winter Open 2023-PA-03 Pennsylvania
01/28/2023 Capitol City Clash 2023-NE-01 Nebraska
01/28/2023 ABQ Barbell Qualifier 2023-NM-02 New Mexico
01/21/2023 Winter Classic 2023-NY-01 New York
01/21/2023 Ft. Myers Open - Around the Clock Fitness Championships 2022-FL-20 Florida
01/14/2023 2023 Bench Press National Championships 2023-NS-02 Nationals
01/13/2023 Last Chance Bench Press National Qualifier 2023-NV-03 Nevada
01/07/2023 WSS Get Your QT 2023-AZ-01 Arizona
12/18/2022 Duke City Showdown #2 2022-NM-04 New Mexico
12/18/2022 Powerlifting America Bench Press National Qualifier 2022-NV-04 Nevada
12/17/2022 2022 Powerlifting America Holiday Hoedown 2022-NY-05 New York
12/11/2022 2022 CRCL Classic 2022-TX-02 Texas
12/11/2022 6th Annual Greater Tampa Classic Championships 2022-FL-12 Florida
12/11/2022 31st Annual Florida Sports Foundation Senior Games 2022-FL-13 Florida
12/10/2022 Mississippi Open 2022-MS-02 Mississippi
12/10/2022 2022 Maryland Holiday Classic 2022-MD-01 Maryland
12/10/2022 19th Annual Florida Collegiate Championships 2022-FL-10 Florida
12/03/2022 PRIME Power Summit 2022-TX-03 Texas
11/19/2022 PA Farm Strong 2022 2022-AZ-05 Arizona
11/14/2022 2022 World Open Equipped Championships (USA)
11/05/2022 2022 Ohio River Rumble 2022-OH-01 Ohio
11/05/2022 2022 Power Partners Championships 2022-TN-01 Tennessee
10/31/2022 Stars and Stripes 2022-PA-03 Pennsylvania
10/31/2022 2022 IPF 7th World University Powerlifting Cup (USA)
10/30/2022 Scary Strong 2022-MA-02 Massachusetts
10/29/2022 Bench Press Qualifier 2022-NE-02 Nebraska
10/28/2022 19th NAPF Pan American Bench Press Championships
10/22/2022 5th Annual North Florida Open Championships 2022-FL-09 Florida
10/15/2022 2022 FFForce Girl Power (USA)
10/15/2022 2022 Elite Season Classic 2022-NY-04 New York
10/08/2022 2022 IPF World Masters Championships (USA)
10/07/2022 2022 West Regionals at the Legion Sport Fest 2022-NV-03 Nevada
10/01/2022 Knights Challenge 2022 2022-AZ-06 Arizona
09/24/2022 2022 Rancho Cucamonga Open 2022-CA-02 California
09/24/2022 2022 4th Annual Ocala Open Super Total x 3 Championship 2022-FL-08 Florida
09/18/2022 3rd Annual New Mexico State Fair Bench Press Deadlift and Powerlifting Championship 2022-NM-03 New Mexico
09/10/2022 5th Annual Southern Sates Championships 2022-FL-08 Florida
08/15/2022 2022 NAPF North American Regional Championships
07/30/2022 TFX Challenge Cup Championships 2022-FL-19 Florida
07/30/2022 Summer Slam 2022-PA-02 Pennsylvania
07/30/2022 2022 Brother Bennet 2022-MS-01 Mississippi
07/23/2022 Powerlifting In The Pines 2022-AZ-04 Arizona
07/23/2022 Woodlawn Open 2022-LA-01 Louisiana
07/09/2022 Iron Independence 2022-CA-03 California
07/08/2022 World Games 2022 (USA)
07/02/2022 10th Annual Central Florida Open Powerlifting Championships 2022-FL-06 Florida
06/25/2022 Overload Classic 2022-NM-02 New Mexico
06/23/2022 43rd Annual Florida Sunshine State Games Championships 2022-FL-05 Florida
06/19/2022 2022 Equipped Nationals 2022-NS-04 Nationals
06/18/2022 2022 Classic Sub-Junior Junior and Masters National 2022-NS-03 Nationals
06/06/2022 2022 IPF Classic Open World Championship (USA)
06/04/2022 Orange County Classic 2022-FL-11 Florida
05/21/2022 2022 IPF World Bench Press Championship (USA)
05/14/2022 Prescott Bar Buster 2022-AZ-03 Arizona
05/07/2022 Inaugural Midwest Open 2022-NE-01 Nebraska
05/01/2022 Nevada State Championship 2022-NV-02 Nevada
05/01/2022 WSS Invitational 2022-AZ-01 Arizona
04/30/2022 WSS High School Invitational 2022-AZ-02 Arizona
04/23/2022 2022 TFX Open Championships 2022-FL-02 Florida
04/10/2022 Chalk It Up Classic 2022-CA-01 California
04/10/2022 Throw Down at Brown's 2022-PA-01 Pennsylvania
04/01/2022 2022 Classic Open Nationals Presented by SBD 2022-NS-02 Nationals
03/26/2022 7th Annual Orlando Open 2022-FL-14 Florida
03/19/2022 Rumble on the Rio 2022-NM-01 New Mexico
03/05/2022 Iron Classic 2022-NV-01 Nevada
02/26/2022 2022 National Bench Press Championships 2022-NS-01 Nationals
02/19/2022 5th Annual Jacksonville Open Championships 2022-FL-03 Florida
01/29/2022 6th Annual Southwest Florida Open Championships 2022-FL-01 Florida
01/01/2020 Test 1
01/01/2020 Test 2